Mobile banking

  • New mBanking service of UniCredit Bank

New mBanking app of UniCredit Bank provides you with full control over your own finances through a mobile phone. Pay on the move, quickly and safely, without limitations and with access to the account 24 hours 7 days a week! 

Benefits of using mBanking:
  • Safe and fast access to your own finances from every location, at any time;
  • Complete control over your own finances;
  • Possibility to create payment orders for payment of all types of accounts in domestic payment operations in any place, at any time, regardless of the working hours of the branch;
  • Receiving useful information (contacts in case of need, various notifications).
What can you do with mBanking:
  • Insight into the balance and transactions of all accounts, loans, and payment cards (debit and credit) - data, transactions, liabilities;
  • Selling and buying currencies from the exchange rate list;
  • Locating the nearest branch and/or ATM - in the country and abroad;
  • "Scan and pay" - shaping data from payment slips, without typing manually;
  • Fingerprint logging - without entering a PIN;
  • Quick check - check your account balance without entering the app;
  • mCash - withdraw money from an ATM without a card.
Save time and money:
  • Lower payment fee;
  • Cancellation of mBanking service is not charged;
  • Clear overview and record of all payments.


Mobile app activation:
  • Download and activate app for Android or iOS;
  • All models of mobile phones that have up-to-date iOS or Android operating system (defined on the App or the Google Play Store) and have Internet access, they can support the mBanking service;
  • You can activate the mBanking service easily in any branch of UniCredit Bank by signing the request;
  • After activating the service, within a few minutes you will receive an SMS message with the link on which you download the application. After that, you will receive another SMS with an activation code.
  • The application is installed very easily and quickly. After launching the application, you need to enter the activation code and your password (user name), then create a unique PIN code, which you will use in the future to access the application.
 mBanking app manual   PDF   1MB