Frequently asked questions

Please find the answers to your frequently asked questions about our electronic banking services

1. What happens if application does not accept instruction/report an error? Will order be charged when it report error during sending? If I make a mistake, how can I correct error/return money? Is it possible to stop an order?
2. In which time payment orders pass during the day?
3. How long will it take to perform a transaction through any electronic channel?
4. Is it possible to check account balance?
5. How can I create an order for mBanking or eBanking and run the application?
6. How to fill an order for payments via eBanking and mBanking?
7. How can I log in? What should I do if I cannot log into my account?
8. Does use of Digital banking services saves money? Is there a fee and how much it is?
9. Do I get a certificate of realized payment order, and how can I be sure that the order is actually realized?
10. Does anybody else can have access to my account?
11. Can I have a record of realized account payments?
12. What is the maximum amount and number of accounts that I can pay in a single day and is there possibility to change limits?
13. How to make payment on your credit card through the ATM/eBanking/mBanking?
14. Is there possibility to pay bills that are not on my name and how?
15. Who can I contact if I have a question or problem?
16. If I use mBanking and eBanking abroad, are there additional costs and how much are they?
17. How much is the fee for withdrawing money from an ATM UniCredit Bank abroad?
18. How can I convert currency?
19. Which currencies are available on UniCredit Bank ATMs?
20. What should I do if my ATM does not return card?
21. When I tried to withdraw cash from ATM, the money isn’t paid and the account is indebted. For one purchase, account is indebted several times. The transaction card failed during payment, bill was paid in cash and transaction is realized and account is indebted. What to do in this situation?
22. What happens when during the transaction at ATM (paying bills etc.) I don’t have enough money on my account to realize transaction to the end?
23. Does bank charge transactions at ATMs?
24. How to deposit money through the ATMs? How to pay account through the ATMs?
25. Which cards are accepted by UniCredit Bank ATMs?
26. What if type wrong PIN three times? What if I forget my PIN / password? Can I change the PIN and how?
27. Can I increase the limit for cash withdrawal at ATMs and how?
28. How to make payment on your credit card through ATM/e banking/m banking?