Universal leasing calculator

Use of credit products with variable interest rates indexed in foreign currency brings risk of changing monthly annuities. These changes may occur due to a change in the variable part of the nominal interest rate or a change in exchange rate. On the calculator below, you can see how these changes would affect the overall repayment plan.

Leasing universal calculator


Interest rate type




Amount of leasing financing

Repeyment term

in months

Fixed interest rate


Variabile interest rate




Middle exchange rate

Installment number of change of variable interest rate

in months

New value of variable interesrt rate


New value of variable NIR


Installment number of change of middle exchange rate

in months

New value of middle exchange rate


The calculator is informative. The final offer may vary due to the cost on the user that are not involved.

Calculator of the effects of changing the variable elements of the nominal interest rate and the dinar exchange rate you can see on National Bank of Serbia website .

Note that the possible variation in the calculation of the Bank because leasing calculation is informative and the methods of calculation are different.